Cheko Ruiz Band

Friday, Saturday, Sunday (February 10-12) at 7:15pm

My name is Cheko Ruiz.  I am a musician from Mexico.  I’ve been composing songs since I was 12 years old. I love mixing rhythms, Gypsy Rumba, Jazz, Latin Rhythms, Hip Hop and Mexican music. The members of my band include two percussionists who shake us with their rhythms, a  flamenco guitarist, a Latin jazz trumpeter, a bass guitar player who likes funk, and myself on guitar and vocals based on rhythm.  Thanks to the union of these musicians I have managed to get the sound I’ve always wanted for my songs.  During our show we play flamenco guitar melodies that touch the soul of our audience.  It makes me feel good as the people get excited with the amazing trumpet solos and we make the audience dance, thanks to the sounds from the Latin drums and percussion. I feel very happy and satisfied that my music sounds as I’ve always wanted and I continue to learn. Thanks to all the people who support us and accompany us on this musical journey. We appreciate all the love they give us at each concert.