Kim & Jason

Friday, February 25 and Saturday, February 26, 2022 at 6:15pm

Kim & Jason have always had a penchant for the unexpected.  Once cozy with their folk/rock jam band, Tongue and Groove, they redefined their niche into banjo plucking Americana in both Deadwood Revival and Joy in Mudville.   But whatever their current passion they remain Kim & Jason- penning  unforgettable songs and spreading a beautiful, contagious joy. West Coast Performer characterized their performance as having “a effortlessly cheerful energy to every song.”   Indeed, as evidenced in the duo’s laughter and banter, these two have a blast performing together.

Their solid musicianship has been noted by many reviewers. 
“Jason Mogi is a maniac on the claw-hammer banjo,” observed Frank Gutch, of Rock and Reprise.
“Their magnificent vocal blend is anchored by Kim (Trenerry)’s powerful voice,”  said Ali Marcus of Performer Magazine.
Frank Gutch summed it up best, “They’re fun, adventurous, and yet true to their roots.” 

Kim & Jason’s voices are the cornerstone of their feel good sound.  They are quite comfortable traveling from a tasty Grateful Dead cover into an unscripted jam, and then easing into one of their own original tunes leading the listener into a “can’t wait to see what happens next” state of mind.  It’s dynamic, entertaining, and musically spot-on. And please don’t leave your dancin’ shoes at home!