Based in San Pancho, the members of PUG originally joined forces in 2018. They perform original songs in Spanish with a definite rock sound, although this doesn’t begin to describe their sound. With elements of electronic music, pop sensibility and very distinctive vocal harmonizing, it is readily apparent that this is a unique blend of creative and talented musicians.

The convergence of the members of Pug in the land of peyote seemed inevitable. None of this was coincidence, from the arrival of Santi Gavioli and Valentín González to San Pancho, Nayarit, to the Akashic brotherhood that unites them to Gabriel Domeneghini. Trying to appease the humidity under the centrifugal movement of infinite fans, and tired of the monotony of this amphibious life, these three friends decided to materialize an idea that was in the air long ago. To sum it all up, in their relatively brief musical journey, they have emerged as one of the best and most innovative groups in the area.